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Fatal Python Error Unprotected Floating Point Exception

If xOpen() opens a file read-only then it sets *pOutFlags to include SQLITE_OPEN_READONLY. Passing any other pointer in to this routine results in undefined and probably undesirable behavior. I wasn't able to tell from the kernel patch comments when this bug was introduced into the kernel. File "/home/rycee/allmydata-tahoe-1.8.2/src/allmydata/util/mathutil.py", line 32, in next_power_of_k print math.log(10) exceptions.ValueError: math domain error Yeah, that's right. weblink

Applications that use experimental interfaces may need to be modified when upgrading to a newer SQLite release, though this is rare. For the main database file, the database name is "main". Yes, the square root of a negative number makes sense in the context of complex numbers, but there is no way to represent it in computers. Jean-Bernard Previous message: [Numpy-discussion] bilinear/sampled scaling Next message: [Numpy-discussion] Fatal Python error: Unprotected floating point exception Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ] https://sourceforge.net/p/numpy/mailman/message/5699906/

You can read what they said there. Open A BLOB For Incremental I/O

int sqlite3_blob_open( sqlite3*, const char *zDb, const char *zTable, const char *zColumn, sqlite3_int64 iRow, int flags, sqlite3_blob **ppBlob ); This interfaces opens a handle Thank you for the assistance, I guess that will have to do for now...

The file can be a directory. As a workaround, you can add --no-xvfb, though you'll have windows popping up then. Since I don't have debug symbols in my python (simply the version found in Debian Squeeze), I don't know how useful it is. Similarly, if the number to be represented falls behind the minimum possible value, an underflow occurs.The system causes the floating-point exception signal (SIGFPE) to be raised if a floating-point exception occurs.

What are the possible causes of this error?In C++, what is causing this error?What causes run time errors in a C++ programs?Is it possible to use short float in C programming?Why For the one using the dynamically linked Crypto++ (v 5.6.0) it ended in failure and I'll make an attachment containing the output of the failed run. I created a patch on the sf tracker. http://legacy.python.org/sf/614060 Additionally, an instance of this structure can be used as an output variable when querying the system for the current mutex implementation, using the SQLITE_CONFIG_GETMUTEX option.

rycee's show-tool-versions output says that the kernel was 2.6.32-5 (from Debian). An application that uses only stable interfaces should always be able to relink against a newer version of SQLite without any changes. Thanks! comment:43 in reply to: ↑ 42 Changed at 2012-02-29T01:31:20Z by davidsarah Replying to zooko: Yes, it is also possible that there was a bug in upstream pycryptopp itself.

The sqlite3_cancel_auto_extension(X) routine returns 1 if initialization routine X was successfully unregistered and it returns 0 if X was not on the list of initialization routines. more info here It is not safe to read or modify this variable if a database connection is being used at the same time in a separate thread. Jean-Bernard _______________________________________________ Numpy-discussion mailing list [email protected] It still fails in the same way, though, if I use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to force it to load the upstream Crypto++ 5.6.0.

The tahoe.cfg of my storage/helper node (the non-helper nodes just have enabled=false in [helper] tahoe-client.cfg​ (340 bytes) - added by rycee at 2011-06-22T09:04:06Z. http://bashprofile.net/fatal-python/fatal-python-error-deallocating-none-urlgrabber.html This routine must be called from the same thread in which the aggregate SQL function is running. It could be a failure in your CPU's floating point support, but I would have expected that to be sporadic or permanent, rather than to fail every time under tahoe and The zName field holds the name of the VFS module.

Virtual tables methods can set an error message by assigning a string obtained from sqlite3_mprintf() to zErrMsg. The xDeviceCharacteristics() method returns a bit vector describing behaviors of the underlying device: SQLITE_IOCAP_ATOMIC SQLITE_IOCAP_ATOMIC512 SQLITE_IOCAP_ATOMIC1K SQLITE_IOCAP_ATOMIC2K SQLITE_IOCAP_ATOMIC4K SQLITE_IOCAP_ATOMIC8K SQLITE_IOCAP_ATOMIC16K SQLITE_IOCAP_ATOMIC32K SQLITE_IOCAP_ATOMIC64K SQLITE_IOCAP_SAFE_APPEND SQLITE_IOCAP_SEQUENTIAL The SQLITE_IOCAP_ATOMIC property means that all writes Therefore I guess that I cannot take for granted the expected behavior of fpectl functions. http://bashprofile.net/fatal-python/fatal-python-error-interpreter-not-initialized.html I've been happy with using my tahoe grid without helper so I haven't felt very motivated to dig around.

The xMutexInit routine is called by SQLite exactly once for each effective call to sqlite3_initialize(). Edit the code to use next_power_of_k_alt exclusively and mv your entire storage directory aside, or create an entirely separate storage server and introducer for testing, and upload and then verify a This function may only modify the contents of the BLOB; it is not possible to increase the size of a BLOB using this API.

Jason Riedy on identi.ca wrote: "If the 30L somehow is pushed on a stack as an integer, the resulting corruption likely would produce a NaN." -- ​http://identi.ca/notice/77048991 comment:20 Changed at 2011-06-23T20:55:41Z

Calls to sqlite3_db_config() return SQLITE_OK if and only if the call is considered successful. By contrast, if SQLITE_INDEX_SCAN_UNIQUE is not set and xUpdate returns SQLITE_CONSTRAINT, any database changes made by the xUpdate method are automatically rolled back by SQLite. If N or iOffset are less than zero SQLITE_ERROR is returned and no data is written. Sorry for the big pastes, if there is any other information you would like please let me know.

The orderByConsumed means that output from xFilter/xNext will occur in the correct order to satisfy the ORDER BY clause so that no separate sorting step is required. If those locks cannot be obtained immediately and there is a busy-handler callback configured, it is invoked in the usual manner. It is not safe to read or modify this variable if a database connection is being used at the same time in a separate thread. this content Cheers, S.B.

I suspect this problem is due to memory corruption or some other incorrect C/C++ code, so it is probably due to one of the dependencies. See also: sqlite3_bind(), sqlite3_bind_parameter_count(), and sqlite3_bind_parameter_index(). The returned string is always in UTF-8 encoding even if the named parameter was originally specified as UTF-16 in sqlite3_prepare16() or sqlite3_prepare16_v2(). Owner The-Compiler commented Feb 15, 2016 I just reported an Arch bug to backport the Qt fix: FS#48195 I couldn't downgrade xorg-server-xvfb to 1.17.4 easily because of some changed dependencies, so

The xBestIndex method must fill aConstraintUsage[] with information about what parameters to pass to xFilter. If a virtual table extension is used with an SQLite version earlier than 3.8.2, the results of attempting to read or write the estimatedRows field are undefined (but are likely to At some point in the future, it is possible that deprecated interfaces may be removed. Otherwise, if this function is passed a valid open blob handle, the values returned by the sqlite3_errcode() and sqlite3_errmsg() functions are set before returning.

The idea here is that xEntryPoint() is the entry point for a statically linked SQLite extension that is to be automatically loaded into all new database connections. SQLite guarantees that the second argument to xRealloc is always a value returned by a prior call to xRoundup. comment:46 Changed at 2012-03-01T06:16:03Z by rycee Sorry about the vagueness. Yes, as Zooko said this is an invalid test.

rycee: can you experiment with swapping in the old Debian version of pycryptopp versus the old upstream version of pycryptopp, maybe? Yes No Feedback Let Us Help Open a Support Case (Requires a Cisco Service Contract) Related Support Community Discussions This Document Applies to These Products IOS 15.4M&T Share Information For Small Mutex Handle

typedef struct sqlite3_mutex sqlite3_mutex; The mutex module within SQLite defines sqlite3_mutex to be an abstract type for a mutex object. If the required lock still cannot be obtained, then the database is skipped and an attempt made to flush any dirty pages belonging to the next (if any) database.

Note to Windows Runtime users: The temporary directory must be set prior to calling sqlite3_open or sqlite3_open_v2. Jul 19 '05 #2 P: n/a tiissa Matt wrote: Sbastien Boisgrault wrote:My platform is Linux (Mandrake 10.x) I'm assuming that means you can't use it on a Windows platform It's harsh I unpacked pycryptopp twice. Perhaps it was written for 64-bit architecture and has a bunch of "8" in it which need to be changed to "4" to make it suppress all of those false positives

I then did a python setup.py build followed by python setup.py test in each of the two trees.