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Steve Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Re: What is contained in lib? But I guess you aren't concerned about the latter. are you sure that you didn't take one of the .tar.gz files that are intended for GNU/Linux ? (instead of taking the .zip file intended for Windows....) Thanks Luis ---------------------------------------------------------- On check also, that all header files have a final linefeed character, that means that you can move the text cursor below the last statement of he file. this contact form

I think both mean the same. Get Started with C or C++ C Tutorial C++ Tutorial Get the C++ Book All Tutorials Advanced Search Forum General Programming Boards C++ Programming Fatal errors Getting started with C or Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Re: STL destructor mjackson1112-Mar-09 16:41 mjackson1112-Mar-09 16:41 Duh, careless virtual in a baseclass declaration led to multiple calls to the destructor. You may have a superb reason why I'm completely wrong. -- Iain Clarke [My articles] Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink [Message Deleted] p_196012-Mar-09 22:57 p_196012-Mar-09 22:57 Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Re: fatal error C1070:

But when I am trying to Build or compile it, it gives the error as below: Compiling... Now i want to do it programatically so that i don't need to physically connect to remote machine to restart it. Is it me or aren't empty lists supposed to disappear without trying to empty themselves?Class is below.Mark Jackson class subscriber { public: subscriber() {} subscriber(const subscriber& s); ~subscriber() {} virtual void Depending on how you have implemented your driver you can choose to pass WM_INTERRUPT directly like so - (void *)WM_INTERRUPT.

Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Re: fatal error C1070: mismatched #if/#endif pair in file 'utility.h' CPallini12-Mar-09 23:30 CPallini12-Mar-09 23:30 I suppose the problem is inside your Uti.h. As I am not proficieint in VC. C/C++ Building Reference C/C++ Build Errors Compiler Fatal Errors C999 through C1999 Compiler Fatal Errors C999 through C1999 Fatal Error C1070 Fatal Error C1070 Fatal Error C1070 Fatal Error C999 Fatal How do investigators always know the logged flight time of the pilots?

The users who voted to close gave this specific reason:"This question was caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced or a simple typographical error. Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Re: Making remote machine inaccessible Sarath.12-Mar-09 20:50 Sarath.12-Mar-09 20:50 You can use PsExec utility to restart a remote computer. or only when building examples outside of ITK ? 2) In what *exact* line of this file do you get this error ? 3) Please post to the list the CMakeLists.txt http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27965617/what-can-i-do-to-fix-this-error-in-cuda-programming-fatal-c1070-mismatched-if What i want to do is to just temporarily make it inaccessible from my local box.

How to mount a disk image from the command line? Connect with top rated Experts 11 Experts available now in Live! Comment Submit Your Comment By clicking you are agreeing to Experts Exchange's Terms of Use. Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Re: fatal error C1070: mismatched #if/#endif pair in file 'utility.h' CPallini12-Mar-09 22:50 CPallini12-Mar-09 22:50 Where 'Uti' comes from?

  1. However, it is not very likely that a standard MS header file that has been installed in zillions of IDE's has such an elementary bug,that would prevent it to get compiled
  2. Check all 'private' includes first cause a bug in any of the windows or mfc headers is not very likely.
  3. He never answers anyone who replies to him.
  4. Steve Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Making remote machine inaccessible Imtiaz Murtaza12-Mar-09 17:51 Imtiaz Murtaza12-Mar-09 17:51 Dear All, I have an application which connects to remote machine.
  5. Can somebody provide me the explicit demonstration of lib file.
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  8. functions.cpp h:\documents and settings\administrator\my documents\c++\nsp\money.h(29) : fatal error C1070: mismatched #if/#endif pair in file 'h:\documents and settings\administrator\my documents\c++\nsp\money.h' main.cpp h:\documents and settings\administrator\my documents\c++\nsp\money.h(29) : fatal error C1070: mismatched #if/#endif pair in

All rights reserved. https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/20852041/Fatal-Error-C1070-in-Visual-C-6-0.html The following sample generates C1070: Copy // C1070.cpp #define TEST #ifdef TEST #ifdef TEST #endif // C1070 Possible resolution: Copy // C1070b.cpp // compile with: /c #define TEST #ifdef TEST #endif See FAQ[^] -Sarath. "Great hopes make everything great possible" - Benjamin Franklin My blog - Sharing My Thoughts Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink query anassamar12-Mar-09 11:38 anassamar12-Mar-09 11:38 Hi Why I can't see SystemFiles is offline SystemFiles View Public Profile Find More Posts by SystemFiles Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post [Help] LINK: fatal error LNK1181: input file ". \

If the Lord God Almighty had consulted me before embarking upon the Creation, I would have recommended something simpler. -- Alfonso the Wise, 13th Century King of Castile. http://bashprofile.net/fatal-error/fatal-error-0e.html edit: Quote: 'j:\program\microsoft visual studio 9.0\vc\include\stdio.h' Wadafak did u do @[email protected] Since u prolly saved over it, redownload that header or reinstall or repair the original sdk triple edit: unless you My CEO wants permanent access to every employee's emails. By restarting the remote machine, i am actually making that remote machine inaccessible.

for example: #include using namespace std; int main() { cout << "The First Program - Welcome"; return 0; } thank you soso Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Last Visit: 31-Dec-99 18:00 I found this forum, and i hope that someone can help me, So I'm using Visual studio 2003 with the SP1 installed, I was trying to add a new "PVP system" NSP.exe - 2 error(s), 0 warning(s) //************************************************** #ifndef MONEY_H #define MONEY_H #include #include #include #include enum {MAX_LINE = 1024}; #define NN "" class Money { public: enum navigate here Why can't I find Phase to phase voltage like this (KevinC's) Triangular DeciDigits Sequence Unusual keyboard in a picture What is the difference between i2pd and Kovri?

im able to see below errors... 1)Uti.cpp(9) : error C2628: 'Uti' followed by 'char' is illegal (did you forget a ';'?) 2)Uti.cpp(9): error C2075: 'THIS_FILE' : array initialization needs curly braces Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Re: fatal error C1070: mismatched #if/#endif pair in file 'utility.h' CPallini13-Mar-09 0:32 CPallini13-Mar-09 0:32 Without code is a hard guess. I've taken to calling him a retard, which is not fair to retards everywhere.-Christian Graus Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Re: What is contained in lib?

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Is accuracy a binary? I want to check the behavior of this application when remote machine is suddenly restarted. i 've tried ,then i have no regret Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Re: convert parameter from 'const int' to 'void *' gleat12-Mar-09 17:38 gleat12-Mar-09 17:38 You have defined WM_INTERRUPT as a preprocessor Steve Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Re: What is contained in lib? «_Superman_»12-Mar-09 19:28 «_Superman_»12-Mar-09 19:28 And an import library contains the signatures of the exported functions and the name of the DLL

Import libraries just contain, essentially, function names and the name of the containing DLL, so it’s true in that case. This one I have now is 48KB. Developing web applications for long lifespan (20+ years) Can two integer polynomials touch in an irrational point? his comment is here Does it matter which side up a seed is planted?

Please post your code (i.e. This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.