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As used herein, the term “services” means a specific instance, conglomeration, or database of information. CustomFieldCannotChangeLookupTable = 11715 Cannot change the custom field lookup table. LookupTableCannotChangeTypeOnceCreated = 11065 Cannot change the lookup table type after the lookup table is created. CustomFieldCannotHaveBothFormulaAndMultilineText = 11734 A custom field cannot include both a formula and multiline text.

CBSOlapProcessingFailure = 17004 The OLAP cube processing failed. For example, you use the expression HD-ENC_76003_ENC-PATH_[From Build 50.10] [#457436]If you enable the Green Bubble theme and then clear the entire ns config , the Green Bubble theme remains instead of Workaround: Create the VPX instance by using the New > Virtual Machine function and connecting the "Dynamic.vhd" file from the Virtual Hard Disks directory which is present after unzipping the release Reason: [MSG] 1034ERROR_LICENSING_CANNOTSAVE_LICENSEFILECannot save file [FILENAME].


For example, a known provider can include information about a new service. For example, if the provider is unavailable, the detailed search status may state, “This service is currently not available. Workaround: Manually update the server name in the other GSLB sites.[From Build 53.9] [#511994]GSLB synchronization fails if you change the RPC node passwords.[From Build 55.8] [#497338, #516259, #522602]High AvailabilityWhen upgrading HA The eConfigurator session is timing out after around 45 minutes as expected.

The system may include a search interface for presenting a service list including one or more services offered by the one or more providers, permitting selection of one or more of LookupTableMaskSeparatorTooLong = 11006 The code mask separator has too many characters. LookupTableDuplicateSiblingPhoneticsDisallowed = 11071 Cannot have duplicate sibling phonetics in a lookup table. This error is raised by web methods in the WinProj service for Project Professional.

Internal use. GeneralItemDoesNotExist = 10000 A specified item does not exist. CustomFieldGraphicalIndicatorTypeMismatch = 11748 There is a type mismatch for the custom field graphical indicator. http://siebel.ittoolbox.com/groups/technical-functional/siebel-admin-l/ie-7-siebel-login-error-3546260 The invention may also be practiced in distributed computing environments where tasks are performed by remote processing devices that are linked through a communications network.

Alternatively, this information can be communicated to the query router 230, and a query can be routed to the particular service without intervention from the user. To work around this issue, you can enable or disable the action items (block, learn, log, stats) in the Application Firewall wizard, or by using the NetScaler command line.[From Build 50.10] Reason [MSG] 1515ERROR_USER_MESSAGE_NOTACCEPTED_CANNOTPARSEParsing stopped, becase there are too many parsing errors. CustomFieldInvalidUID = 11702 The custom field GUID is not valid.

  • GeneralQueueInvalidBlockPolicy = 26014 The queue blocking policy is not valid.
  • CalendarRecurrenceMonthShouldBeNull = 13003 The recurrence month should be null.
  • GeneralObjectAlreadyExists = 20008 The object already exists.
  • eCommunications Object Manager (ENU) Please note: If you changeeProdCfgKeepAliveTime on AOM then ConnIdleTime on remote eConfigurator OM should be greater thaneProdCfgKeepAliveTime (i.e.eProdCfgKeepAliveTime+1).
  • Please verify your network connectivity. 2099 General Warning The %1 scan engine has been marked as deprecated.

Sbl-scb-00011: Failed To Connect To Pipe ((null)) On Process (null)

It is recommended that the administrator manually shut down the port channel as well, on the N7k, when the corresponding RISE service is shut down.[From Build 55.8] [#502591]If RISE feature is see here ProjectNameMissing = 1026 Project name is missing. Sbl-smi-00216 Instead an error occurs during the CopyDisk call, indicating that a file with the same name already exists. [#LA4669] SCVMM Hyper-V local storage enumerates but machine provisioning fails unless the local I dont know how to do that in sqlserver but should be the same as any other rdbms.

The login issue only occurs when the load balancer tries to connect to a specific Siebel application server. 3. OptimizerInvalidProjectImpactValue = 29400 The project impact value is not valid. Check for closing ,, tags. 1047ERROR_CONFIG_INVALIDPARAM_ALREADYEXISTSDuplicate values for parameter '[PARAM]' in [SECTIONNAME1] and [SECTIONNAME2]. GeneralNumberInvalid = 79 A number is not valid.

The services and results displayed under each provider may be expanded and collapsed, as desired. RestoreResourcesFailed = 29021 Cannot restore the resources. With this feature enhancement: a new session can be brokered from the existing infrastructure sessions orphaned as a result of hypervisor failure or of a loss of connectivity can be enumerated OptimizerCannotCreateMultipleAnalyses = 29608 Cannot create multiple portfolio analyses.

Background: In this release, the NetScaler supports auditlog servers on FreeBSD 8.4. ProjectDoesNotExist = 1028 Project does not exist. ProcessPluginRequest ProcessPluginRequestError 1 0 2010-06-08 00:46:15 5720: [SWSE] Set Error Response (Session: Error: 00022675 Message: Not connected to the server.

The maximum number of days you may request is: " 30032 General Error The message contains the error string ID: TooFewParameters, and the string "Not enough parameters specified for this command."

A system for routing a query to one or more providers, the system comprising: a search interface configured to present a service list including one or more services offered by the The query router module 230 may be coupled by the network 280, using, for example, such standard communication protocols as TCP/IP, hypertext transfer protocol (“HTTP”), or eXtensible Markup Language (“XML”), to Top Best Answer 0 Mark this reply as the best answer?(Choose carefully, this can't be changed) Yes | No Saving... CBSUpdateOlapDBOperationFailure = 17019 Failed to update the OLAP database.

BaileyOriginal AssigneeMicrosoft CorporationExport CitationBiBTeX, EndNote, RefManPatent Citations (18), Non-Patent Citations (7), Referenced by (151), Classifications (16), Legal Events (4) External Links:USPTO, USPTO Assignment, EspacenetMethod, system and apparatus for routing a query PS>cd Site: \User PS>Set-ItemProperty PolicyA -Name Priority -Value [PolicyA's computer setting priority] You can configure user and computer settings in the same policy and both settings can have the same priority This happens when the policy file is corrupted and truncated as a result of high memory consumption by the Group Policy Management Console and the Group Policy Editor, which can occur CustomFieldWorkflowCustomFieldBeingReferencedByFormula = 11750 A formula is trying to reference a workflow custom field.

Many features of the research library application 205 may be configurable. In the configuration utility, on the Configuration tab, in the navigation pane, expand Traffic Management and then expand SSL. 2. According to various embodiments of the invention, the personal computer 2 may operate in a networked environment using logical connections to remote computers through a network 280, such as the Internet. PlannerInvalidRBSValueUid = 28002 The GUID for a resource breakdown structure value is not valid in the Planner data.

You can also use this script to test the load balanced Enterprise is working correctly by changing the CONNSTR to include the VirtualServer and vhosts path. Top Best Answer 1 Mark this reply as the best answer?(Choose carefully, this can't be changed) Yes | No Saving... SIEBEL ERROR CODES This site has been specifically designed to troubleshoot all Siebel related issues. Because Citrix Studio hotfixes install the full program, attempts to apply a hotfix to a base installation in a custom location result in the installation of an additional instance of Citrix

Table 13.