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Any of the following errors may be returned in tperrno(5): TPESVCFAIL, TPESVCERR, TPEBLOCK, or TPGOTSIG. Then, because the commit failed, the transaction should be aborted. Limit Errors The system allows up to 50 outstanding call descriptors (replies) per context (or Oracle Tuxedo application association). By default, Dr. Check This Out

i can load tuxconfig without no probs but once i try to tmboot i get the follow msg..what could be the issue...i have checked the ipcs .. Powered by Blogger. Update from 6 May 2014 Lately we have got a request to fix the cooperation between the Oracle RDBMS and the Tuxedo. The Oracle Tuxedo tmboot(1) command passes undocumented command-line options to the server's predefined main().

There is no app server already running. If you see an orphan process for the domain, go ahead and kill that process kill -9 pid        where pid - process id of the orphan process Reconfigure the application server The following sections describe how to debug an application on UNIX and Windows 2003 platforms. One may create additional views for dealing with troublesome situations.

Any analysis of the central event log must be provided by the application. If you call tpreturn() with outstanding descriptors for which rval is set to TPSUCCESS, the system encounters a protocol error and returns TPESVCERR to the process waiting on tpgetrply(). If you call tpforward() improperly, the system considers the call a processing error and returns a failed message to the requester. nothing is running under my uid...even the machine name is fine.. $ tail -f /privdir/xxxx708/xxxx/log/ULOG.113007 075611.omhq1105!BBL.2374.1.0: 11-30-2007: Tuxedo Version 8.1, 32-bit, Patch Level 172 075611.omhq1105!BBL.2374.1.0: LIBTUX_CAT:612: ERROR: Read an entry from

Oracle VAI View All Topics View All Members View All Companies Toolbox for IT Topics PeopleSoft Groups Ask a New Question PeopleTools A forum where peers share technical expertise, solve problems, Creating $BDMCONFIG 165451.SZ-XIEPENG!dmloadcf.2620.1272.-2: 09-22-2005: Tuxedo Version 8.1 32-bit Windows. 165451.SZ-XIEPENG!dmloadcf.2620.1272.-2: CMDGW_CAT:1557: INFO: A new file system has been created. (size = 627 512-byte blocks) 165459.SZ-XIEPENG!dmloadcf.2620.1272.-2: CMDGW_CAT:1549: INFO: BDMCONFIG file E:\code\C\tuxedo\jolt\bdmconfig has execWSL-A---n// processid=1478...Started. 3processesstarted. ͻʧܡʿͻ˵UBBSIMPLEôãӵϡ ULOGļĴϢΪ 104457.sky!?proc.1496:021301:TUXEDOVersion6.5SCO_SV3.22i386. 104457.sky!?proc.1496:LIBTUX_CAT:350:ERROR:Configurationfileparametersdon otmatchexistingbulletinboard. this website Error while booting PeopleSoft Application Server On checking the application server logs below error appeared Tuxedo Version 9.1, 64-bit, Patch Level 036 LIBTUX_CAT:717: ERROR: Cannot attach to or create shared memory

In this situation, the following facts apply: tpreturn() plays no transaction role; that is, the role of tpreturn() is always the same, regardless of whether transactions are explicitly defined in the My TUXDIR environment variable is being set properly to C:\bea\Tuxedo8.1 Also C:\bea\Tuxedo8.1\bin is in the PATH variable. Check with the system administrator. If you encounter this error, check with the application administrator to make sure the necessary permissions are set in the configuration file.

  • tpconnect(), tppost(), tpcall(), and tpacall() A call was made in transaction mode to a service that does not support transactions.
  • The atmicall() function in this example represents a generic ATMI call.
  • The state of the caller's transaction is not affected by any failed messages or application failures returned to the caller.
  • TMQUEUE.4948.5720.0: LIBTUX_CAT: 262: INFO: Standard main starting 150510.YJL!
  • TPETIME indicates a blocking timeout on a communication call if the call was not made in transaction mode or if the flags parameter was not set to TPNOBLOCK.
  • ULOGļ 090000.sky!tmloadcf.986:021301:TUXEDOVersion6.5SCO_SV3.22i386. 090000.sky!tmloadcf.986:CMDTUX_CAT:879:INFO:Anewfilesystemhasbeencreate d.(size=362512-byteblocks) 090000.sky!tmloadcf.986:CMDTUX_CAT:871:INFO:TUXCONFIGfile/usr/tanggm/zhongj ianjian/apps/simpapp/tuxconfighasbeencreated 090005.sky!BBL.1002:021301:TUXEDOVersion6.5SCO_SV3.22i386. 090005.sky!BBL.1002:LIBTUX_CAT:262:INFO:Standardmainstarting 090005.sky!BBL.1002:GP_CAT:1304:ERROR:Anerroroccuredintheencryptionsubs ystemcode(60) 090005.sky!simpserv.1003:021301:TUXEDOVersion6.5SCO_SV3.22i386. 090005.sky!simpserv.1003:LIBTUX_CAT:262:INFO:Standardmainstarting 090005.sky!simpserv.1003:Welcometothesimpleserver 090005.sky!WSL.1004:021301:TUXEDOVersion6.5SCO_SV3.22i386. 090005.sky!WSL.1004:LIBTUX_CAT:262:INFO:Standardmainstarting 090005.sky!WSL.1004:WSNAT_CAT:1070:ERROR:CannotbootWSLwithMAXWSCLIENTSfo rmachinesetto0 090005.sky!WSL.1004:LIBTUX_CAT:250:ERROR:tpsvrinit()failed 090005.sky!tmboot.1001:021301:TUXEDOVersion6.5SCO_SV3.22i386. 090005.sky!tmboot.1001:CMDTUX_CAT:825:ERROR:ProcessWSLatsimplefailedwith /Ttperrno(TPESYSTEM-internalsystemerror) deluxe ظڣ2003-08-20 09:36:17 1ȣͻ˲Ҫ 2*MACHINES "hdkf"LMID=simple hdkfڵWINDOWSдҪдUNIX "uname-n"ֵ 3ʹõTUXEDO6.5UBBļеWSLУҪ"-t" "-t"汾¼ݡ
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  • tpsubscribe The specified subscription information has already been listed with the EventBroker.
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Issue: PRODUCT:TUXEDO VERSION: 6.4 When using NT Terminal Server, attempting to boot or shutdown Tuxedo can fail for semaphore errors. All rights reserved. Once a transaction is aborted, all outstanding transaction call descriptors (made without the TPNOTRAN flag) become stale, and any further references to them return TPEBADDESC. This rule is always observed, regardless of whether the code is running in transaction mode.

The following table lists the functions that return transaction errors and describes possible causes of them. his comment is here Resource Manager Errors Resource manager errors can occur with calls to tpopen (3c) and tpclose (3c), in which case the system returns the value of TPERMERR in tperrno(5). Other services, however, do not belong to such groups. Listing11-1 Handling Errors 001 #include 002 #include "atmi.h"003 004 main()005 006 {007 int rtnval;008 009 if (tpinit((TPINIT *) NULL) == -1)010 error message, exit program;011 if (tpbegin(30, 0) == -1)012 error

When a function does not return to its caller, as in the case of tpreturn() or tpforward(), which are used to terminate a service routine, the only way the system can tpcall()
tpacall() The calling process references a service called that is not known to the system since there is no entry for it in the bulletin board. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive tips, tricks and guides on PeopleSoft. { 0 comments… add one now } Cancel reply Leave a Comment Name * E-mail * Website Previous post: this contact form TMS_QM.3984.2296.0: 03-13-2009: Tuxedo Version 8.1 32-bit Windows. 150510.YJL!

In order to determine which services support transactions, check with your application administrator. Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | DMCA Policy | Terms of Use

Remigium ... In the case of a function that returns to the caller, the function fails and causes tperrno(5) to be set to TPEINVAL.

Note the code after the switch statement (line 21): it shows how tpurcode can be used to interpret an application-defined return code.

Once a transaction has been marked "abort-only" for reasons other than timeout, a call to tpgetrply() returns whatever value represents the local state of the call; that is, it returns either A service must retrieve all asynchronous transaction replies before calling tpreturn() or tpforward(). For example, if you create a semaphore named foo locally, it will be called foo. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

Resource Managers When you use an ATMI function to define transactions, the Oracle Tuxedo system executes an internal call to pass any global transaction information to each resource manager participating in Jim replied Dec 27, 2005 Matt, this is usually an issue when one tried to use terminal services to boot or administer a domain which does not work. Thanks Jim, and everyone who helped! -Matt Top Best Answer 0 Mark this reply as the best answer?(Choose carefully, this can't be changed) Yes | No Saving... navigate here Do verify that you have not, by mistake configured with WSL (which has 7xxx convention), in your case, 7000.

All ATMI functions that normally return an integer or pointer return -1 or NULL, respectively, on error and set tperrno() to a value that describes the nature of the error. Oracle VAI View All Topics View All Members View All Companies Toolbox for IT Topics PeopleSoft Groups Ask a New Question PeopleTools A forum where peers share technical expertise, solve problems, Abort Errors For information on the errors that lead to abort, refer to Fatal Transaction Errors. The task of debugging server programs is more complicated.

Operating System Errors Operating system errors indicate that an operating system call has failed. As footnote 1 shows, four categories of errors are reported by tperrno(5) and are applicable to all ATMI functions. After each function call, success or failure is determined. The only protocol error that is fatal to transactions is calling tpcommit() from the wrong participant in a transaction.

Typed Buffer Errors Typed buffer errors are returned when requests or replies to processes are sent in buffers of an unknown type. Then you can determine whether the transaction was committed or aborted. Finally, the successful completion of the requested service is reported on the status line of the form. Autor: rems o 09:10 Reakcje: Etykiety: distributed transaction, XA No comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) About Me rems DBA at TriCity/Poland View

When the call is successful, the client context is allowed no further communication or participation in transactions because the current thread of execution is no longer part of the application. If the preceding message was generated by the Oracle Tuxedo system (rather than by the application), it might appear as follows: 162214.mach1!security.23451: LIBSEC_CAT: 999: Unknown User 'abc' In this case, the Toolbox.com is not affiliated with or endorsed by any company listed at this site. When the application is running, the administrator can modify the MACHINES section dynamically.

All such work must be completed before the global transaction can be resumed. A blocking timeout specifies the maximum amount of time that an application waits for a reply to a service request. The Oracle Tuxedo system server abstraction calls tpsvrdone() or tpsvrthrdone (3c) after it finishes processing service requests but before it exits.