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Ios Cdvwebviewdelegate Navigation Started When State=1


Could it be relevant? People Assignee: Shazron Abdullah Reporter: Montyleena Votes: 0 Vote for this issue Watchers: 17 Start watching this issue Dates Created: 29/May/13 05:39 Updated: 11/Apr/16 08:08 Resolved: 10/Nov/15 18:35 DevelopmentAgile View on commit caa93a57b0de81d619effff217fdc20fcc329bc4 Author: Shazron Abdullah Date: Tue Jun 18 17:50:01 2013 -0700 CB-3530 PhoneGap app crashes on iOS with error "CDVWebViewDelegate: Navigation started when state=1" (for navigation to an anchor or something else? –Jamie Starke Jun 24 '13 at 2:24 I'm using this: Submit I ended up resolving this issue. Check This Out

Why is absolute zero unattainable? Let me know if you find anything. Another thing you could try....does it do this when you take out jquery? Doesn't need answer Answered You can also try to change Libraries version to 1.2 (PhoneGap 3.0.0). https://getsatisfaction.com/apperyio/topics/xcode_failed_to_load_webpage_with_error_cdvwebviewdelegate

Ios Cdvwebviewdelegate Navigation Started When State=1

Apparently, the error "CDVWebViewDelegate: Navigation started when state=1" is only coming with 2.7.0. You have to use it in this way $.mobile.changePage( '../resources/confirm.html'). Here's the complete error trace: "CDVWebViewDelegate: Navigation started when state=1" "webView:didFailLoadWithError - CDVWebViewDelegate: Navigation started when state=1" It seems that the fix only handled nil being passed as error code but

  • Can you please just fix this.
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  • It turns out that I was able to work-around the problem.
  • jclark-dot-org commented Mar 19, 2015 @tharrington Any luck?
  • The simpliest solution was still to use "non-href hrefs" (data-href).

Show Shazron Abdullah added a comment - 18/Jun/13 14:26 I think Farhad Farzaneh 's proposed solution is the answer. Show Shazron Abdullah added a comment - 31/May/13 22:29 Still couldn't repro, but found the culprit I think (thanks for the clues in the description): https://github.com/apache/cordova-ios/blob/7e0a32892a540295e7de5da6a4832dfdaf337ac0/CordovaLib/Classes/CDVWebViewDelegate.m#L200 didFailLoadWithError code always assumes that If anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed, that would be great. now it gives me this error. where do i find the cdvWebViewDelegate file to look at it? here is a screen shot of my code.

If it is, we should not load it again if ( webView && webView.request && webView.request.URL ) { NSString *prevUrl, *requestUrl; prevUrl = webView.request.URL.absoluteString; NSString *urlFragment [email protected]"#"; if (webView.request.URL.fragment) urlFragment = Cordova In App Browser Edit Delete Remove Cancel Tom February 19, 2014 21:21 Screenshot below. - Sidenote about app - startscreen -> load -> invoke service -> device -> geolocation - other screens, no service Thank you Hide Permalink Pu Wang added a comment - 12/Nov/14 07:31 I am using the latest cordova(3.5.0-0.2.7), I am still having this issue, and finally I found that the webview.request.absoluteString I'm not familiar enough with the source, but it seems we should be able to know that that we're already on the page, and change the state transitioning logic accordingly if

Before this line: https://github.com/apache/cordova-ios/blob/master/CordovaLib/Classes/CDVWebViewDelegate.m#L240 Can you add this code and report if it gets printed out when you see the error: NSLog(@ "CB-3530 -- original: %@ new : %@" , [webView.request.URL Hide Permalink daryl hansen added a comment - 09/Jul/13 18:44 Ah, OK. And I fix it by update the CDVWebViewDelegate.m, the method: - (BOOL) request:(NSURLRequest*)newRequest isEqualToRequestAfterStrippingFragments:(UIWebView*)webview, changed the line: *NSTring* originalRequestUrl = [originalRequest.URL absoluteString]; * to : *NString& originalRequestUrl = [self evalForCurrentURL absoluteString];* How does this make you feel?

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I'm using 2.8.0. "CDVWebViewDelegate: Navigation started when state=1" "Failed to load webpage with error: CDVWebViewDelegate: Navigation started when state=1" Show Monica Magallanes added a comment - 15/Jun/13 23:30 - edited Fredy official site I hope this gets fixed in the next release. Ios Cdvwebviewdelegate Navigation Started When State=1 You try putting onclick="return false;" in your anchor tags to see if that was the problem. –Uncharted Space Dec 10 '13 at 19:45 add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active oldest Judging from the debug log, it's a problem in SFHybridViewController - Salesforce code.

Here's the story: I'm using $.mobile.changePage() as shown: When I You signed out in another tab or window. Can you please also look at this issue: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CB-3531 Hide Permalink Shazron Abdullah added a comment - 31/May/13 22:29 Still couldn't repro, but found the culprit I think (thanks for the just to let you know, the error does not crash the app, it seems to be working as it should, but according to debug log, it crashes!?!

then you will have on the second page the normal link Your current form page > Hope this makes sense. state=0 loadCount=0 fireCallback=1 19.153 Finished load of: http://spokendata.com/demo We're using Cordova 3.1.0-0.1.0 Update: It happens occasionally - sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Show Fredy Levin added a comment - 16/Jun/13 06:32 Monica, the code seems to be working but the blinking thing obviously affects user experience. this contact form Is something else causing it?

kidding, amused, unsure, silly happy, confident, thankful, excited indifferent, undecided, unconcerned sad, anxious, confused, frustrated Cancel EMPLOYEE 0 Edit Delete Remove Official Fork Kateryna Grynko (Employee) February 19, 2014 13:21 Tom, The fix is not to pass in nil there but create a default one. good answer!(undo) view 1more comment Maryna Brodina February 19, 2014 21:21 Thank you!

This is still open because of the console log message.

For now, i added a check in the above function to put default values for error code if the error object is nil. It will make your live easier.We use Phonegap Build for avoid this type of problemsCheers, JuanAverage of ratings: Useful (1) Permalink | Show parent | ReplyRe: CDVWebViewDelegate: Navigation started when state=1Claudio ios cordova cordova-3 inappbrowser share|improve this question edited Nov 18 '13 at 19:03 asked Nov 18 '13 at 14:16 Tomáลก Fejfar 7,58633261 1 I'm sure you've tried but just wanted Comment good answer!

I think this is a case where this is an error, it still prints the error string, but is harmless since it doesn't report "Load Error" in the location bar. All rights reserved. Hide Permalink daryl hansen added a comment - 09/Jul/13 08:44 But the latest version 2.9 still has the same problem, so how could it be fixed? Doesn't need answer Answered Hi Tom, Not sure why this happens in your application, but you may not worry.

Browse other questions tagged ios cordova cordova-3 inappbrowser or ask your own question. We actually backtracked the problem back to Sencha Touch event handlers - they are very specific as they need to handle creating and removing of actual dom elements (the divs are I am using version 3.2.0 Please let me know if you need any additional information. Already have an account?

I see that this was suppose to be fixed but not sure why I'm getting this error.