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Report Abuse Like Show 0 Likes (0) 11. With it saying i/o error it still makes me think hardware but i dont know what. Failover mode would probably be set to 0 in this case.glen Report Abuse Like Show 0 Likes (0) 10. See NOTES. have a peek here

The following option with the -c unconfigure command removes only Solaris devices with the unusable condition for a Fibre Channel device. Attributes See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: ATTRIBUTE TYPE ATTRIBUTE VALUE Availability SUNWcfpl, SUNWcfplx See Also svcs(1), cfgadm(1M), svcadm(1M), config_admin(3CFGADM), libcfgadm(3LIB), attributes(5), smf(5), fp(7d) Warnings Do not use hardware-specific If SPB dies, you would need to physically move the cable to SPA and have the host log in on that port - if you did this manaully - take the Some failures seenbash host# cfgadm -c unconfigure c4::500104f0006e46a8cfgadm: Library error: remove operation failed: /devices/[email protected],700000/SUNW,[email protected]/[email protected],0/[email protected],0: Inappropriate ioctl for device Labels: 7.1.x and Earlier Backup and Recovery NetBackup 0 Kudos Reply 6 Replies http://unixadminschool.com/blog/2011/06/storage-failed-to-create-nodes-for-pwwn-error-during-solaris-boot/

When we do a configure on c6 it does the tape drives but errors when it comes to the robot itself. unusable_SCSI_LUN For unconfigure operation, any offlined device nodes for a target device is removed. -s listing_options Refer to cfgadm(1M) for usage information. -t ap_id No test commands are available at WARNING: Disk geometry is based on capacity data. root at host# cfgadm -al c6 Ap_Id Type Receptacle Occupant Condition c6 fc-fabric connected configured unknown c6::500104f00093fda2 med-changer connected configured unknown c6::500104f00093fdac tape connected configured unknown c6::500104f00093fdaf tape connected configured unknown

  • For an fp port with Fabric related type such as fc-fabric and fc-public, device node creation happens by default at the boot time and can be managed by the cfgadm configure
  • No attempt is made to configure devices with unknown types.
  • Re: Unable to format LUN on Solaris 10 glen Jan 22, 2010 10:17 AM (in response to Todd_1215) Right click on the LUN and select Trespass - that will move the
  • Verify the controllers, now all should be available online. [[email protected]:/]# cfgadm -al Ap_Id Type Receptacle
  • The current rpm value 0 is invalid, adjusting it to 3600 done c1t0d0: configured with capacity of 734.08GB AVAILABLE DISK SELECTIONS: 0.
  • You can specify the following commands with the -c option to control the update behavior of the repository: force_update For configure, the attachment point is unconditionally added to the repository; for
  • emlxs: [ID 349649 kern.info] [ 5.0337]emlxs0: NOTICE: 710: Link down.
  • See Navisphere Manager for details.

It does not have a working physical connection. The Fibre Channel device represented by c0::50020f2300005f24 is reported to have two FCP SCSI LUNs. Some failures seen [[email protected]:/]#cfgadm -c configure c3 cfgadm: Library error: failed to create device node: 50001fe150095928: I/O error report LUNs failed: 50060e801002b263 failed to create device node: 50001fe150095929: I/O error report In the above example, the designation would be "c3::256000c0ffc028e4".

The boot errors which are linked to this problem, can be found in the /var/adm/messages file, and are formatted as follows: luxadm[90]: [ID 593423 user.error] ID[luxadm.create_fabric_device.2316] configuration failed for line (/devices/[email protected],600000/SUNW,[email protected],1/[email protected],0:fc::256000c0ffc028e4) This server is a new install "no patches" what soever. For Fibre Channel Fabric device node management, each fp port node is represented by an attachment point in the device tree. http://www.backupcentral.com/phpBB2/two-way-mirrors-of-external-mailing-lists-3/emc-networker-19/stk-l180-configuration-issues-on-solaris-8-97440/ Attachment points are named through ap_ids.

Report Abuse Like Show 0 Likes (0) 3. Re: Unable to format LUN on Solaris 10 Todd_1215 Jan 22, 2010 9:48 AM (in response to glen) HI Glen and thanks for the reply. Password Home Search Forums Register Forum RulesMan PagesUnix Commands Linux Commands FAQ Members Today's Posts UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Expert-to-Expert. It is used only to reconfigure those Fabric devices at boot time.

Your problem looks like their was an issue with multipathing (especially considering you noted that there is no PowerPath) which means their is a high likelihood that you have a single his comment is here If the property is set, the device remains unconfigured after reboot. cfgadm operates on attachment points. Got the latest SAN4.4.10 installed with all patches etc.

For fp port nodes, the logical ap_id is the corresponding disk controller number. navigate here The other working servers LUN is presented as LUN 8.I ran luxadm against both server to compare and Server B "non-working" has a Path status of Not ready, while Server A Options cfgadm defines several types of operations in addition to listing (-l). Report Abuse Like Show 0 Likes (0) 6.

The receptacle and occupant state for attachment points at the fp port have the following meanings: configured One or more devices configured on the fp port connected fp port active disconnected So other than an auto trespass conducted by the Clariion I don't see mpath being used. The Fibre Channel device is reported to have 4 FCP SCSI LUNs and they are all configured. 4 FCP SCSI LUN level ap_ids associated with port WWN 50020f2300006077 are listed. http://bashprofile.net/failed-to/failed-to-create-empty-document-mfc.html Notes For devices with unknown or no SCSI device type (for example, a Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter), the configure operation might not be applicable.

I have on server with Solaris SAN that I configured on the same SAN that works fine, the only difference is the HBA card on that on is Qlogic QLA card Refer to the previously mentioned description and example of FCP SCSI LUN level listing. The FCP SCSI LUN level ap_id is not valid for the configure and unconfigure commands.

I repeat my environment at the following: Host: SUN 280R HBA card: Qlogic 2200F FC Switch : Brocade 2800 Disk Array : HDS9900 Tape Library: ADIC Scalar 1000 with 2 LTO

Close   Our next learning article is ready, subscribe it in your email Name(required) Email(required) Learning Request(required) Are you Looking for (required) Paid Training Free Training What is your Learning Goal for plus it shows the Read cache information where on Server B it does not. The default behavior may be changed through the use of the “manual_configuration_only” property in the fp.conf file. Report Abuse Like Show 0 Likes (0) 13.

The Host ID is '0'. These operations include invoking configuration state changes and obtaining configuration administration help messages (-h). Re: Unable to format LUN on Solaris 10 glen Jan 22, 2010 9:59 AM (in response to Todd_1215) Todd,The Array LUN number is OK, it's the Host ID number that I this contact form no_update No update is made to the repository regardless of the operation.

So your saying that if I use mpath software I can still only have one physically connection but be able to failover to the other SP in the event the current This repository is only used when the “manual_configuration_only” /kernel/drv/fp.conf file is set. /etc/rcS.d/fdevattach Reconfigures Fabric device(s) of which physical ap_id is listed in /etc/cfg/fp/fabric_WWN_map on boot time. The unconfigure command removes all Solaris devices associated with the port WWN ap_id. Re: Unable to format LUN on Solaris 10 bertog Jan 22, 2010 10:43 AM (in response to Todd_1215) Hello,Your host now has access to the LUN, but only through SPB.

The other servers show : # luxadm -e port Found path to 2 HBA ports /devices/[email protected],600000/SUNW,[email protected]/[email protected],0:devctl NOT CONNECTED /devices/[email protected],600000/SUNW,[email protected]/[email protected],0:devctl # luxadm qlgc Found Path to 2 FC100/P, ISP2200, ISP23xx Devices Opening Two types of ap_ids are defined: logical and physical.