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Need Help - My ads are not getting approved in Need Help - My ads are not getting approved in FB Experts - I recently joined to this forum. I tried to create mobile app install campaign using imobitrax tracker url and FB does not recognize the url as leading to a mobile app... Yeah.. That is until Facebook slowly started tweaking their guidelines. have a peek here

Tutorial Direct-linking to Mobile App Install Offers on Facebook People often try and fail with setting up campaigns on Facebook that direct-link to app install affiliate offers. So I am running my first campaign for facebook right now. So how would I go about setting this up? This falls under the "landing pages must not contain content, products, or services prohibited" part of the line item.  5. Autoplay - Video ads for health products and services may not be

First i insert my url (xxx.com/tracking202/redirect/dl.php?t202id…… But nothing can be fetched. So linking direct to offers on FB is pretty much not going to work unless you go all Black hat with cloaking etc. The aircraft was initially developed for the U.S. In addition, landing pages must not contain content, products, or services prohibited by our Ad Guidelines Remember back when Google used to opt-in to your landing pages to see where it

  1. Hybrid Air Vehicles says that customer interest in the blimp is increasing, particularly in the defense and security sectors.
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  3. Crime shows and lifetime movies aren't helping this either… No matter how you feel on the issue, Privacy is extremely important to Facebook users, which means it's extremely important to Facebook.
  4. She was left in doubt how much you all loved and appreciated her, and we'd like to thank you all for the support and kind words you have been sending to
  5. For instance, if this is a website clicks ad, ensure that the post links to a URL outside of Facebook. (#100.1487376) Well, I want to optimize for clicks but keep the
  6. This is why we always recommend sending clicks to content that is optimized for conversions to your offer.

Nicknamed the "flying bum" because of its bulbous front end, the vehicle can stay aloft for days at a time. The lander was originally scheduled to launch later this month, but as NBC reports, SEIS experienced a leak in its vacuum case. Once your account has been linked you will need only login with your Facebook credentials to gain access to the Telegraph-Journal. It is not showing(updating) how much I spend, clicks or ctr.

If using API, this can be specified explicitly using the conversion spec, or, if using Power Editor, is determined based on the objective and the content of the creative. Does it work? Anyhow, how do I set up tracking using facebook... During the run, rookie Carroll slammed home a pair of passes from Teelon.

The vast aircraft is based at Cardington, where the first British airships were built during and after World War I. Developed by Hybrid Air Vehicles, the Airlander is a hybrid of blimp, helicopter and airplane. you're held responsible.  3. Pop-ups: Ads may not direct to landing pages that trigger pop-ups or pop-unders when someone arrives upon or exits the page. They are also responsible for ensuring that any negative comments are responded to and resolved quickly. I'm also recommending to all my clients to create a profile and ask their customers to leave

I tested their API tool in January for literally no longer than a day, I told them no thanks and I don't want anything to do with it.... http://imscalable.com/blog/facebook-ad-guidelines/ Tracking issue with facebook and prosper202 I set up may tracking in prosper, but now i stuck on creating the fb ad. Ever seen an ad that goes something like this… "You'll Never Guess What Obama is Up To Now" or "Wait Until You See What (insert political figure or government agency) Is Is there any collective opinion on whether that's allowed and what the...

Look, Facebook is going through a HUGE growth issue. navigate here or it's affiliates. Cox's team cruised to the 25-16 victory behind a kill from Carroll and an attack error by the home squad. In the final frame, USC Aiken jumped out to an 11-3 lead, forcing a time-out by the Bearcats.

In fact, this is also on our  "fb commandments" checklist I mentioned above. Learn More About The FB Ads Workflow Masterclass >> Chaunna Brooke March 8, 2015 Traffic Tags ↓ facebook ad guidelines facebook ads online advertising social advertising Related Articles How You Can Hardware issues with the complex scientific package led to delays. Check This Out Upon clicking to open, you’ll see a window where you’ll be asked to integrate your Facebook account with Lander.

presidential election could mean to you Bass Pro CEO talks to Cabela’s workers about future Column: How to attract, retain and motivate staff Sports /greater-saint-john/category/sports Olympics Hockey Baseball Football Basketball Golf Therefore, if you are advertising an external website that is restricted to people in certain regions, your ad may be disapproved. It was a pretty easy process to "claim my site." You could choose to upload a simple text file to your cpanel or you could add a string of text to

This is one of our "FB commandments" we ALWAYS check before submitting ads for approval.

Privacy Policy Resources Case Studies Products Copyright © Bright Eagle Project, LLC - All Rights Reserved 2016 | 5753 Hwy 85 North #3013. | 800-758-2651 | Refund Policy Fox News Fox ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED syntax error- ... Then just click on the “Uninstall Tab” button and you’re all set, nothing left to do. Im not too technical so Im not sure if they could link my accounts if I set up the pixel in Voluum.

Once your account has been linked you will need only login with your Facebook credentials to gain access to the Telegraph-Journal. Do tools like Quaya... Were you able to get decent results? http://bashprofile.net/facebook-error/fbapierrordomain-1-facebook.html This post got a LOT longer than I originally planned.

Once you connect your account you’ll see a new window where you’ll be able to select your Fan Page. Is your Landing Page Working For You?